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75 for 12 pitches
( Batting cage tokens are cheaper when purchased in $10.00 increments. )

Vince's Sports Center offers a huge indoor hitting facility comprised of various "age-appropriate" batting cages. Eight cages (both baseball and softball) serve up slow, medium or fast pitching (see chart below).
IMPORTANT: Children under the age of 10 (ten) MUST be accompanied by an adult, and their choices are limited to the "SLOW" baseball or softball cages. All batters MUST wear helmets, which are provided outside of every batting cage.
Cage 1:BaseballFast pitch65 mph
Cage 2:BaseballFast pitch65 mph
Cage 3:BaseballMedium pitch55 mph
Cage 3:SoftballMedium pitch25 mph
Cage 4:SoftballFast pitch45-50 mph
Cage 5:BaseballMedium pitch55 mph
Cage 6:BaseballSlow pitch45 mph
Cage 7:SoftballSlow pitchHigh arc
Cage 8:SoftballSlow pitchHigh arc
Bats can be provided, but we encourage you to bring your own due to the low quantity and quality of our bats. Bats are free to borrow, but we will require a driver's license or vehicle keys as a deposit before renting our bats. Only adults are permitted to rent bats.
We also accept reservations for our batting cages, but only to groups comprised of six or more people. Reservations must be made at least one day in advance by phone or in person. When placing your reservation, please be prepared to specify the particular cage you want.
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